About ConnectPay

At our heart, ConnectPay is about connections. Each of our offices has locally focused, dedicated payroll specialists supporting our small business clients. We thrive on handling your payroll and tax needs, it’s what we do best.

Our connected payroll model means working with, and connecting you to, trusted advisors in accounting, insurance, HR, retirement, and beyond.
We know your questions are timely and important, so we always pick up the phone during business hours.

Worker’s Comp Integration

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp Insurance from ConnectPay delivers coverage from A-rated carriers that integrates seamlessly with your payroll, and it also lets you keep your trusted broker of record.

Human Resources

Small business HR software is not the same as what is needed in a large corporate environment with a dedicated HR department. ConnectPay understands the needs of our clients, and offers applicant tracking, background checks and employee onboarding solutions.

PTO Tracking

With our online time tracking, you can manage overtime, time off, sick days under one unified system of record. Automated pay and compliance updates, customized reporting, seamless mobile access, and time & attendance recording are all available at your fingertips.

Digital Time Clock

No matter how simple or customized your labor management needs, take control of time tracking with our OnTheClock comprehensive attendance solution—to reduce administration headaches, save money, - it has never been easier.