How do I run Payroll online?

This article will walk you through the process of running Payroll using the Online Portal

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For quick access – go directly to the Portal Login page at: and skip to step 3.

1.)  Go to and click “Login” at the top right corner.


2.)  On the next screen, rollover Payroll and select “Sign In."Picture 2

3.)  Proceed to enter your Email and Password select Sign In.                                                *** BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR FUTURE USE TO SAVE A STEP ***


4.)  On the “Home Page” select “Enter a Payroll

Picture 4

5.)  The payroll dates should be appropriate for your next payroll cycle, click on the Pay Entry Grid” to start

Picture 5

6.)  Click the "Select All" and uncheck any employees who did not work that pay period

Picture 6

7.)  Click “Calculate Selected Pays” and select “Pre-Process Report” to confirm payroll

Picture 7

8.)  Click "Generate Report" and confirm payroll

9.) Click "Return to Payroll" to process 

Picture 8

10.)  Click on "View/Approve Payroll Totals" and select "Approval Payroll" to submit payroll.