How do I enter a manual check?

This article will walk you through the process of keying manual checks in the case that an employee isn't paid or isn't paid their full amount.

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For easiest access – go directly to the Portal Login page at: and skip to step 3.

1.) Go to and “Login” at the top right corner.


2.) On the next screen, rollover Payroll and select "Sign In."

Picture 2

3.) Proceed to enter your Email and Password select Login In.



4.) Select the “Manual Check” hyperlink from the Payroll menu


5.) Click the “Manual Check Entry” hyperlink

Picture 1_4

6.) Select the person who will receive the manual check

7.) Fill in hours missed or dollar amount that was missed
8.) Zero out temporary deductions
9.) Calculate pay
10.) Click “Save Pay/New Manual” proceed to step 12 if no terminated employee(s)

11.) Click Select All if an employee is being terminated
    1. Click “Create/Print Documents” to give last pay stub to terminated employee
    2. Manual check will show zero pay and must be accompanied by a business check from employer

12.) Click “Hold for Next Payroll”

13.) 13.) When clicking on “Enter a Payroll”

14.) Click “Pay Entry Grid”

15.) The manual check screen will appear. Click “Select All” to include the manual check on the         next payroll run.
    a.) Gross to net will not show up on the employee’s W2 if not selected

16.) The manual check will appear on the pay grid as a locked check
   b.) Check cannot be altered as the system assumes it has already been given to                                 the employee